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10 Holiday Decorating Safety Tips

10 Holiday Decorating Safety Tips

The Holiday Season is here! Wether you celebrate Christmas, Kwanzaa, or Hanukkah you’re excited for the season. While you’re busy decorating the house, safety may be the furthest thing from your mind.

Every Holiday Season there are roughly 15,000 decoration related injures sending almost 250 people to the hospital daily. Prevent these injuries by keeping these tips in mind.

Work as a team. When using a ladder to hang lights or decorations make sure you have someone supporting the base.

Unplug before you head to bed. Turn off or unplug all lights, and decorations before you head to bed or leave the house. We know that the tree looks great in the front window, but play it safe.

Use a solid base. This goes for candles and for the tree. The last thing you want is for a lit candle to tip over and cause a fire. For the Tree stand make sure that it can’t be knocked over easily.

Watch out for poisonous plants. Poinsettia’s and some other holiday plants can be poisonous to animals and young children. Be sure to either use fake plants or keep them out of reach of animals and kids.

Use unbreakable ornaments. Kids and animals will be interested in the bright shiny things on the tree so either keep the fragile ones at the top or skip them all together this year.

Keep trees away from heat. Place your tree as far away from heat sources as possible. Live trees especially are extremely flammable, so move them away from fireplaces and heaters. It is probably also a good plan to keep a fire extinguisher near by at all times.

Keep your tree Hydrated. All live trees are a fire hazard if not placed properly, but especially when that tree is thirsty! Make sure you check the water level of your tree at least every other day to ensure that it is properly hydrated.

Double check the lights. Before you hang any lights check them for frays or cracks in the wiring, also be sure all missing bulbs are replaced. If you find a damaged string throw it out.

Plan Plan Plan. Before any decorating starts have a good plan in place, you want to look out for location of outlets, possible tripping hazards, fire hazards, and overall safety of your home.

Get a good start on next year. When it is all said and done, check over all decorations as you are taking them down. If you find issues with any of them discard them now and save yourself some time next December.

Enjoy the Holiday Season!