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When should you shop around for Insurance?

When should you shop around for Insurance?

This is a question we get all of the time, our general thought is right around the three year mark. If you have been with the same carrier for that long it is probably time to start looking at your options. A lot can change within three years at a particular company and the biggest change is usually rate increases.

We don’t recommend moving or even looking every year because you are building a history with this carrier, and other companies will look at the this when you are ready to consider a change.

So three years is a good median for building just enough history with a company to make sure you are getting a good rate.

However, one of the perks of working with Kiva is that we personally look at your policies at least 30 days before it renews each year. We do this to account for accuracy on the policy as well as your premium, and to check for significant increases that may be higher than normal. This doesn’t mean that we are actually “shopping out” your insurance every year, but we review it to make sure you are getting the best rate possible.

If we determine that it is in your best interest to look at other carriers we will do just that. Our goal is to get you the best deal available.

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