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Meet Mimi Weber!

Meet Mimi Weber!

Meet the Newest member of the Kiva Family and face of the new Marana Location, Mimi Weber!

Mimi is originally from Washington where she raised all three of her children on the family farm.

While getting her degree in Journalism from The University of Arizona, she fell in love with the area, and once all of the kids had grown up she decided to make Marana home.

Once all of her kids were in school Mimi decided it was time to start working outside of the house, and found a position with a local independent insurance agency in Washington. The rest is history.

Most recently Mimi owned and operated a local captive agency in Marana, but soon found out that being a captive agency was not the right fit for her or the community. “Marana is a very diverse area, so limiting insurance options to one carrier is not always whats best for the customer.”

When Mimi decided she wanted to become an independent agent she started doing her research on agencies in the area, which is what lead her to KIVA. She originally called KIVA because of the carriers that KIVA has, she was familiar with them and wanted to reach out to Debie for guidance.

After meeting they both realized that partnering and expanding KIVA was the best route to take for everyone involved. Mimi says “KIVA and the staff had already invented the wheel that I was looking to invent, we all got along well and had the same goals so why start over? Debie has a ton of experience, and best practices that have made the transition to independent as smooth as possible. I am very fortunate to have found such great partners.”

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Outside of work Mimi loves to ride her horses “It is my way of relaxing at the end of the day. I will get home, saddle up a horse, and relax for a few hours.”

One of Mimi’s favorite things about the Insurance industry is getting to know her clients “I like keeping on top of what they have going on, and make sure that I am protecting their lives, property, and future.”

If there was one thing Mimi wishes everyone understood better about the industry it would be that you have not wasted money if you don’t use your insurance. “Most of the time when people spend money on something they are expecting an item that they can touch and enjoy in return. That is not what insurance is for. Insurance is there to protect those items that you can touch and enjoy. So if you do not have to file a claim, WHAT A GREAT YEAR!!!”

If you would like to contact Mimi and the Marana staff about your insurance needs you can call her at 520-812-7226 or visit us online at