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Meet Susie De La Cruz

Meet Susie De La Cruz

Susie has been with Kiva for 10 years as a Customer Service Representative and plans to become a licensed agent this coming May to celebrate her 10 year anniversary with Kiva.

Susie and her mother

Susie and her mom

Susie was born and raised in Arizona, and after a few moves she landed in Casa Grande 21 years ago to be close to her mother “She is my everything, I don’t even know what I do without her.”

Shortly after moving to Casa Grande a family friend mentioned to her that Kiva Insurance was hiring, having worked in the industry in the past it seemed like a perfect fit. Ten years later she says, “The Insurance industry is in my heart, and I don’t ever plan on leaving Kiva.”

Susie truly loves helping out all of her clients, her favorite thing about her job is helping clients understand their coverage, and helping them make the most informed decision possible. Over the last 10 years she has had a lot of practice, with clients that have been with her the entire time.

Outside of work Susie loves to spend time with her family. If you ask her what her hobbies are she won’t hesitate to tell you, “Spending time with my family, they mean the world to me.”

susies pupie

susies dog

Susie also spends a lot of time working with animals, her favorite organization to work with is the local Humane Society, “I have such a soft heart when it comes to animals, loosing my dog sprocket was a tragic experience so I make sure to spend as much time with animals as possible.”





Thank you for all of your hard work Susie De La Cruz, and we can’t wait to spend 10 more years working with you.