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Summer is coming to a close

Summer is coming to a close

I hope you and your family are enjoying the last full month of summer.  Kids are back to school, the days will start to get shorter and before you know it 2017 will be in the rear view mirror.

Speaking of back to school that means there will be more teen drivers on the road. Did you know Kiva can help you and your family save on your teen drivers Insurance rates? Or maybe you have a friend that has a teen driver this year, maybe we can help them out. Here is some information from one of the many carriers we represent Mutual of Enumclaw and how they are taking action in helping safe teen drivers.

Thoughtful training for teen drivers

Teens will become better drivers with experience, but they’re still prone to mistakes, distractions and peer pressure that can affect their driving judgment. teenSMART® combines interactive lessons and real-world activities to give teens more knowledge and experience in handling many of the major factors that cause collisions.

As a group, teens who complete the teenSMART program experience up to 30% fewer collisions and insurance claims than teens who have not completed the program.

About Teen Smart

The teenSMART program includes:

  • Computer-based driving tutorials and simulations
  • Videos, parent-teen activities and in-car driving sessions conducted under parental supervision
  • Certification test

Getting your policy discount

Upon successful completion of the teenSMART program, listed household drivers up to the age of 21 will receive a significant discount on their auto policy. This discount will be effective beginning the date of course completion, and will apply to every renewal up until the age of 21 while still insured with Mutual of Enumclaw.

How to order

The regular price of teenSMART is $119.95, but for a limited time you can use the discount code ENUMCLAW and pay only $69.95 (plus S&H where applicable).To enroll, visit or Contact Kiva.

The more practice they get, the better drivers they’ll be.

For more information on Teen Smart call Kiva at (520) 421-9231

If you have been considering putting your current insurance policy out to bid and getting a professional second opinion on your coverages, our licensed staff will be happy to counsel you through the process.  Don’t get caught up in the pitfalls of some of the commercials and on-line gimicks.  The only way to protect you and your largest investment is to work with a trusted, independent insurance agent.  If you are pondering making a move, tect you and your largest investment is to work with a trusted, independent insurance agent.  If you are pondering making a move, we would love the opportunity to sit down and discuss your options.