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Summer Driving

Summer Driving

With temperatures rising in Arizona it is a good time to think about the dangers of summer driving. Summer drives are a great way to spend an afternoon, but summer has it’s own hidden dangers.

Here are a few reasons to be a little extra cautious while on the road this summer.



When summer roles around teenagers are out of school and hitting the road. Teen drivers lack the experience, and can mean more danger to the rest of us, this can lead to questionable judgement, and increase the risk of accidents.

Summer Driving

Bicycles and Motorcycles

The warmer weather is when the two-wheeled vehicles hit the road. Make sure to always keep an eye out for them. Especially when near a bike lane or parking along a roadway.

Tire Blowouts

Summer can do some damage to your tires. Warmer wether causes your tires to expand which can lead to blowouts. Check your tire pressure on a regular basis to help prevent this from becoming a problem.


With all of the kids out of school this is vacation season. When people are traveling they are not always sure of where they are going, and could make sudden turns and lane changes. Defensive driving is a must.


Summer is normally prime time for road construction. Though construction zones have reduced speed limits and workers are cautious, some drivers are not. Make sure you are very aware of your surroundings while driving through a construction zone, and prepare for delays.


Stay safe this summer, and if you have any questions please feel free to contact us!